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Survey & Public Arcade Rules:

To those looking to participate in our Public Arcade, click here to take the Survey, we'll soon have your scores displayed on our page. Our demo can be downloaded below.

NOTE: You can tell us your scores on the Survey. If you'd like to update your score after taking a survey, please send a screen shot of your score to rockwell.J.768@gmail.com.

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Become an Antivirus Warrior!

Viruses, hackers, and unknown threats await you in the endless, randomly generated labyrinth of cyberspace. Delete them before they delete you!

Infinite Recursion seeks to bring back two classic genres in one game, combining Roguelike elements, such as randomly generated levels and perma-death, with fast-paced combat of Old School FPS. We hope you enjoy our demo!

Brought to you by Resurgent Games, Indie Devs bring back the Classics.


Platforms: PC & Mac

Gameplay Modes:

Infinite Survival Mode - Fight endless hordes of enemies in cyberspace for as long as you can (prototype currently available through our demo).

Campaign Mode - Play through the story of Vanguard's latest antivirus. This mode includes randomly generated levels but has check points and no perma death (currently unavailable).


Infinite Recursion - Windows Demo.zip 563 bytes
Infinite Recursion - Mac Demo.app.zip 76 MB
Game Controls.txt 700 bytes